It started in 2013, when two old friends from Columbia Business School – Louise Kelly and Lara Hejtmanek – reconnected. Both were looking for a way to use their professional skills to help good causes. They realized that their skills were complementary, and that with their combined professional and personal networks, they could partner and build a viable marketing services firm. Within a few weeks, they had their first client, and since then they have continued to build and offer a range of services to non-profits and small businesses in New York City and Westchester County.

Lara Hejtmanek
Lara HejtmanekCo-Founder & Partner
Lara has 15+ years of experience working in digital marketing on the agency side, and seven years in traditional marketing. Most recently she founded and led the Insights & Planning practice for 360i – named the #1 digital agency in the country by AdAge for four years in a row – serving major brands for clients in CPG, travel and retail. There she led her team in bringing together consumer insights with emerging technologies to identify high impact opportunities for clients, spanning social media, mobile, search, paid media, and overall brand strategy. Prior to 360i, Lara was a partner and Strategy Department head for digital marketing firm Greater Than One.

Lara’s specialties at Glowstone include marketing strategy, brand building, social media marketing, customer research and visual design. She holds a BA in Art History from Vassar College and an MBA from Columbia University.

Louise Kelly
Louise KellyCo-Founder & Partner
Louise has been working in technology and marketing for small entrepreneurial organizations since 1994. She spent nine years at the non-profit organization ARTstor, helping them with a wide range of technology, market research and strategic planning efforts, including running a multi-year customer statisfaction survey and leading a major CRM system migration. She also developed expertise in email marketing while serving media and travel clients at Bigfoot Interactive and database management expertise through her role managing data quality and implementing a CRM system at Bentley Systems. While raising her young children at home for several years, she did extensive volunteer work for local organizations including building websites for her church and a local disaster rescue organization, and running her own faith-based blog. Her specialties at Glowstone include CRM implementations, the technical aspects of website building, email marketing & SEO. She holds a BA in Political Science from Williams and an MBA from Columbia University.

Why the name ‘Glowstone’?

  • “Glow” reflects our ability to shed light on our clients’ work – through strategic insights, market research ¬†or improved operational efficiency.

  • ‘Stone” to reflect our hope that, by helping non-profits and other good causes, our work will have a positive ripple effect on society, like a stone dropped in water.

  • “Glowstone” – a valuable element in the game Minecraft, which our sons were obsessed with when we founded the company!